COSTA Cruises

No matter what travel destinations you are considering, a cruise vacation is the best way to travel in comfort and style. Costa Cruises' vacation packages will take you to the most fascinating travel destinations in the world...

Western and Eastern Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords, Baltic, Western and Eastern Caribbean, Red and Arabic Sea, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. Cruises are now more accessible than ever with new routes passing by Mauritius, the mascarene islands and nearby countries. Costa provides you with a wide range of cruises for you to choose from.

Shamal Travels process bookings for all Costa Cruises worldwide. For more information please contact us.


 Private Jet Charter

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 Shamal Travels is affiliated with Chapman Freeborn and can provide private jet and aircraft charter services for: 

  • Private Travel, 
  • Relief Charters,
  • Cargo Charters,
  • Group Air Travel. 

With over 30 locations worldwide, Chapman Freeborn is the world’s leading aircraft charter company, with a proven reputation for innovation, expertise and professionalism. For private air charter queries and quotes please contact us directly.