Shamal Travels was founded in 2006 by Shamal Investment. Shamal Travels Ltd became the seventh member of the Shamal Group which included the following:

  1. Paradise Home Ltd
  2. Shamal Management Services Ltd
  3. Edu Play Ltd
  4. Clean-IT Ltd
  5. Shamal Investment Ltd
  6. Leadership and Motivation Institute Ltd
  7. Shamal Travels Ltd

Shamal Travels initially operated as a non IATA Travel agency. In the initial stage its customers were mostly its staff, its freelance sales persons and their families, relatives and friends. Shamal Travels operated as a travel agent for the needs of the Shamal Group to eventually become an independent travel company with a range of services.

After the initial period it gradually expanded it's market and the range of products and services to serve the public at large. Shamal Travels grew gradually over the years and built itself into a travel powerhouse for Mauritius.