Why Shamal Travels?

Why Shamal Travels

We are DRIVEN! that's why! We are passionate about making things happen for our clients. We don't do what we do just because it is our job: We do it because it gives us our sense of purpose. Your travel arrangements is what keeps our motor running.

We like a challenge!

At Shamal Travels, we like to play with complexity. We keep venturing in uncharted territories by trying things that no one dares. We like to bring products that matter to you, beyond air tickets. We plan your trip day by day so you can just sit back, relax and forget about the hassles of international travel.

We sell more than just Air Tickets 

At Shamal Travels we sell more than just Air Tickets, we sell an idea. An idea that travelling should be within the reach of everyone. We believe that travelling is what opens up our minds to see what the world is really about.
We encourage you to DAYDREAM and give you a PURPOSE to keep working harder to fulfill that travel goal. We strive to make international travel simpler and more accessible to everyone and at the same time we sell you the stuff you need Tickets, Insurance, Cruises, Hotels etc..

What to expect when you buy from us? 

We aim for perfection. But you always look for cheaper. So we do what you want: WE FIND YOU THE BEST DEAL FOR YOUR MONEY. Though we use technology extensively, we strive to preserve the human touch especially in all the aspects aimed towards communicating with you. We pick up and drop off your documents, we talk to you, we laugh with you and most of all we are here to serve you.

Our achievements? Let's talk what we achieved for you:

  • We are achievers: Started from zero and made it through fierce competition.
  • We are trendsetters: NOT followers! You already know that!
  • We were the first to advertise airfare promos for your benefit
  • The most Liked on Facebook
  • We run the best travel email newsletter. FOR FREE
  • We have the highest service rating.
  • We have the most variety of packages.
  • We provide concierge services, at the price of travel agent fees.
For your upcoming trip: give us a try see if we are good enough.  We are just a simple email or phone call away.